New equipment – New season

Today I got a lot of new equipment for the new up coming season in Bahrain. One of the equipment is a helmet from Casco with 2 diffrent colors. Brown and nude. The helm is a Mistrall 2 protector that follows the latest rules and regulations from FEI.

The riding pants are from Montar and they are also brown. On the inner thighs there are rubber grips.

On both helmet and riding pants there will be logos from my sponsors including #sofitelbahrain

Then I got some blue shoes from Adidas and the specific name of the shoes are Adidas Hu (Pharrell Williams)

Some of the other equipment are some T-shirt from Adidas and Pro Touch. You can wear this type of sports T-shirt when you are practicing sport. I will be wearing these T-shirt when we are training before the endurance race. The T-shirt are in diffrent colors… Gray, Blue, Orange and Pink.

Then I have one pair of gloves. The from Meet Equestrian and they are blue on the front and are black under.

The last thing is some sunglasses. The color is clear and in the end of it, it’s black. I will riding with it to the endurance race so I don’t get sand in the eyes if there are sandstorm that day.


Freya Rasmussen

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