Preparing for next race

 With Christmas and New Years in Denmark well behind us, I have been preparing hard for the next races. When you are doing the the qualifications for the CEI star system, you have to do 2x 40km and 2x 80km races Рnot necessary in those combinations Рwith a maximum speed of 16km/hrs. This means you have to watch your horses speed and health during the race and make sure both you and the horse gets well to the end.

My next race is a 40km qualification and then a 80km qualification, and this I look very much forward to. It will definitely be hard to step up and ride twice as much but also more fun as you also have vet gates and checks between the loops. A 40km race is just 1 loop, while a 80km race can be divided into different segments like 40-20-20 or 40-30-10 loops.

A rider can ride two races in a row but a horse needs a break of at least 20days between each race. On longer races the horse would need a longer rest period afterwards before competing again.

So, let us see how it goes – I will do my best to make it happen and with a little luck, a good horse and the perfect stable and team it should be possible.

Thank you for reading.


Freya Rasmussen

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