Break from riding, midterms and preparation for next race

Since my last races I have been focusing on my school and the midterm exams everybody has to do – Although riding my horses is much fun, I also have to focus on getting good grades and performing well in school. This also means I am taking a small break for now from more races. I have one more qualifications of 80Km to go, and I will wait for a while to keep my focus on the school.

While preparing for the next race I will try to improve my own strength and durability to perform better during and after the race. 80Km is hard work and you need to be fit and have strong muscles to get through the longer races.

I have received some mails regarding the equipment I use – We have decided to include a separate page for this which you can find here. We will continue to update the equipment page the next months.

In the coming period until the next race I will also make a few announcements on new partnerships – so, stay tuned!

Thank you for reading.



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